Bal'lade Klezmer Vol. 1 (Parts)


For string quartet

Arrangments by Ludovic Lantner

First set —12 instrumental or danced klezmer pieces.

  • Editorial note
  • Nakhes Fun Kinder (Instrumental)
  • Suite Klezzy ! n° 1 (Bulgar)
  • Fantaisie roumaine n° 2 de Joseph Solinski (Instrumental)
  • Russian Sher n° 1 (Sher)
  • Gute Nakht Sirba (Sirba)
  • A Yiddishe Mame (Instrumental)
  • Zorg Nit Mama (Bulgar)
  • Mélodie orientale (Instrumental)
  • Suite Klezzy ! n° 3 (Terkish and honga)
  • Gut Morgn (Instrumental or hora)
  • Dem Tsadiks Zemerl (Khosidl)
  • Suite Klezzy ! n° 4 (Khosidl, freilach and kolomeyke)
  • Biography

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InstrumentationString quartet

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Bal’lade Klezmer for string quartet is a two volumes collection gathering instrumental melodies, dances and song transcriptions from the klezmer music repertoire. Each volume presents a set of pieces that can be played with or without repeats, in sequence or not, depending on the circumstances.

As part of a concert, you can play a volume in its entirety (each lasts for about 30 min): although pieces are arranged to alternate between genres, characters and keys, it is totally possible to play them in the order that fits you best, or to extract one for a bis.

To animate a klezmer ball, you have the possibility to select the arrangements of your choice, by juxtaposing dances of the same nature by borrowing them in both volumes. The dances are different, by their rhythmic and stable nature, from pieces with an instrumental or sung character such as A Yiddishe Mame, or Oriental Melody. It
is better to ensure that characters and tempi alternate from one dance to another, and avoid making a kolomeyke, for example, last too long, which could lead to exhaustion quickly your audience! On the other hand, a sher, a khosidl, a honga or a waltz are dances that can last long enough.

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