• Original Version Series


    Respect for sources and editorial transparency: we offer you scores directly from manuscripts and printed matter stored in libraries world-wide. Their elaboration follows the instructions of the composers and the practices of the time.

    A series for musicians who care about authenticity.

  • BOOKS Series

    BOKKS Series

    In the service of musicians, IN NOMINE Publishing intends to complete the study of scores by publishing musical works accessible to all.

    Ancient treatises in modern publishing, musicology works, specialized essays and literature around music: each work will have its place with your scores.


  • Transcriptions Series


    Expanding and bringing to life the instrumental repertoire: the transcription of vocal works for instruments is a strong tradition among publishers from the 15th to 18th centuries. IN NOMINE Publishing continue this tradition and invites you to discover an unpublished repertoire.

    A series to expand the ancient instrumental repertoire.

  • Composers of our times




    Discover the composers of our times through this series dedicated to them.

    We are pleased to share with you the richness of their creativity!

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IN NOMINE Publishing, a passion for discovery.

We are happy to introduce you to works forgotten by modern publishing, as well as composers of our time that the usual institutions do not wish to publish. The main goal of  IN NOMINE Publishing is to bring printed music out of the current editorial logic, and to allow beautiful texts, musical or literary, to be found again on the desks and in the hands of readers. Original versions, transcription, adaptation, simplicity: all formats are explored to allow the resurrection of forgotten repertoires and the emergence of new works.

All our publicaitons come with a complete critical device including:

    - a detailed preface to situate the work in its historical and musical context;

    - if any, the composer's instructions;

    - a Corrections & Suggestions section which lists the anomalies encountered in the sources and comments on our editorial choices.